Frankenstein, adaptations and stories that stay with us

One of the best things my brain has done for me is to stop expecting movie or TV adaptations to put my beloved books on screen as I read them, but rather, to take them as their own pieces. Different takes on (hopefully) the same story. Does this mean I love all movies based on books and don’t hold it against them when I don’t think they do a good job of translating story to screen? Of course not. Plenty of page-to-screen adaptations disappoint or even piss me off. PLENTY. BUT! There are a lot of great adaptations that do well and stand on their own, if viewed as what they are and not as lesser versions of a book. Continue reading


A round-up of random things that please me

July is nearly over and I swear it just started a couple days ago. Anyway, I have been neglecting this here blog, so I figure I’ll just post a round-up of stuff I’ve recently enjoyed. Well, media, specifically, because it’s summer and if I opened this up to anything, you’d be reading a blog about tomatoes, peaches, and blueberries. Or clicking away from a blog about tomatoes, peaches, and blueberries… Anyway, an app, some Tweetings, books, TV, movie and music seems like a good random mix, so here: Continue reading

The Witch is a Crap Pile of Missed Opportunities

The Witch could’ve been an awesome movie, in so many ways. What could’ve been a great social commentary, a smart feminist piece, a chilling psychological thriller or hell, even just a really good horror movie is, instead, pretty, atmospheric garbage. I saw it last week, and I’m still annoyed about it. And I’m not saying the movie will make you sick, but I woke up the next day feeling like stepped-in poo and was couchbound for days. Make of that what you will.

Spoilers ahead.

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Crimson Peak is a delicious treat for your eyeballs

Crimson Peak is such a gorgeous movie, which isn’t shocking given that it’s a Guillermo Del Toro film. His creature designs and overall artistic eye are things I really love about him. The ghosts in this movie are so rad-looking. A couple of years ago he released his Cabinet of Curiosities giving the world a look inside his notebooks and the way his brain works. It’s one of my favorite things to flip through. Anyway, I’m a huge fan of his, is what I’m saying (if you’re on Twitter, follow him for clever tweets and many many book, art, & film recommendations). As an enjoyer of the gothic fictions, when I heard he was planning this movie, I was so excited and immediately began wishing it would hurry up and exist already. AND he put Tom Hiddleston in it. Rawr. Expectations were high, and I was a leeeetle worried I’d be disappointed.

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Some babble about genre & categorization

Since reading this fantastic conversation between Neil Gaiman and Kazuo Ishiguro, ideas about genre and what makes one thing “fantasy” while another very similar thing is “horror” or even the esteemed “literature” have been rolling around my brain. I plopped myself in the middle of this very problem this week when I was met with delightful pain in the butt of trading my old, crappy Target shelf for a bigger, wooden one that used to live in my neighborhood bookstore. (Until the owner decided to close it – sniffle.) My genius self got the bright idea to actually organize my books by genre for real this time when I re-shelved them.

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Recent readings & watchings I have enjoyed

Oh hello blog, I guess I should come over here more regularly and write stuff and things or something. I’ve been actually writing on that novel I started. And pondering plot and structure and all that fun stuff. How to get from A to B in an interesting and interrupted manner. I’ve also gotten two, count ’em two rejections for publishing a horror short, so I’m feeling pretty good about that. Anyway, how about a wee round-up of some things I’ve been into recently.

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