Re-reading Harry Potter. Woo!

Gods, I’m a bad blogger. Maybe one day, I’ll become consistent with this thing. Anyway. I’ve been in want of re-reading the Harry Potter books lately, and kept sort of putting it off because I was pretty sure once I started, I was going to be sucked in and not want to do other things. That was a correct assumption.

I gave up and started last week and am now a little more than 100 pages into Half-Blood Prince, or book 6 if you’re counting. This means I’ve made it past the horrible thing I’ll never get over in the fifth book and am carrying on bravely and without tears. (Sniff. I love you forever, Sirius.)

It’s been fun to read through them all consecutively, which I don’t think I’d done since before the fifth or sixth one came out. So it’s been a while, and I’d forgotten a few little things here and there and become bummed all over again that the movies had to cut Hermione’s S.P.E.W. subplots. She is the best. Seeing how far back some seeds were planted for things that happen several books down the line is really interesting as well. Rowling’s crafty, that’s for sure. Tiny things, like the fact that the Devil’s Snare plant from the first book shows up casually as a nice murder weapon in the fifth one, are one of the reasons her world building is so stellar. She really doesn’t overlook a lot, even if she could have used a few alternative adjectives here and there. (We get it, Mrs. Norris’s eyes are lamp-like.)

I’ve always enjoyed how her writing style the tone change and grow with the characters. As they get older and Voldemort gets more powerful, plots become more layered, as do the characters and their situations. And even through the really dark bits, there’s still a lightness and whimsy to it that makes them a joy to read, as well as easy reads. After reading so many heavier horror, fantasy and nonfiction things lately, they are an excellent sort of vacation. I don’t really have much else to say, I mean, at this point, there isn’t much to say about Harry Potter; if you’re an adult, you’ve either read them or you probably won’t. I for one, will continue to re-read them every so often, because they really do stand up to continued reads, unlike so many books I once loved. So yay for magic and good over evil and all of that. And yay for reading some whilst eating lunch, which is what I’m going to do right now.


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