In which I fangirl hard about Kelly Sue DeConnick

Recently, we’ve learned Kelly Sue DeConnick is going to wrap up her run on Captain Marvel,¬† which is quite sad, but I’m also pretty optimistic about it. ¬†With the recent TV deal she and husband Matt Fraction signed, she’s going to be plenty busy with her own projects. And, really, I’m hoping she’ll have more time to focus on her own comics, because those are fucking amazing. So’s she. I want to Kelly Sue when I grow up.

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Some babble about genre & categorization

Since reading this fantastic conversation between Neil Gaiman and Kazuo Ishiguro, ideas about genre and what makes one thing “fantasy” while another very similar thing is “horror” or even the esteemed “literature” have been rolling around my brain. I plopped myself in the middle of this very problem this week when I was met with delightful pain in the butt of trading my old, crappy Target shelf for a bigger, wooden one that used to live in my neighborhood bookstore. (Until the owner decided to close it – sniffle.) My genius self got the bright idea to actually organize my books by genre for real this time when I re-shelved them.

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Recent readings & watchings I have enjoyed

Oh hello blog, I guess I should come over here more regularly and write stuff and things or something. I’ve been actually writing on that novel I started. And pondering plot and structure and all that fun stuff. How to get from A to B in an interesting and interrupted manner. I’ve also gotten two, count ’em two rejections for publishing a horror short, so I’m feeling pretty good about that. Anyway, how about a wee round-up of some things I’ve been into recently.

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